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dear ALL

@ http://deb.vegans.it/binary/eldy21.tar.gz

you can download Eldy 2.1 tar gz for linux.

We’ll soon update the repository so that you can enjoy it on apt-get

I tryied it on a Damn Small Linux with 64Mb ram and it works!

This is main screen of the software Eldy. This is THE SQUARE.

The square

The square

There are six bigs icons. On the top of screen there is mail. Here you can write, read and receive email. All  these operations are easy and intuitive. Then there is walk in internet: it allows to entry in web world! In the center of screen there is weather. Here you can see weather forecast. Then there is chat: it allows to communicate with other people. In this way you aren’t alone! At the bottom there is Eldy tv. Here you can see web video. At the end, there is useful. With this you can do some exercise to gain experience with mouse.

Enjoy with Eldy!!!


Eldy is the first software to allow over 55 to enjoy the internet and the computer.

Eldy has over 150.000 users since January 2007. These users are mostly (>95%) over 55 and most of them (>70%) did not use computer before installing Eldy or having Eldy installed.

Lessons learnt

If we provide senior and illiterate users a clear software, they get in love with technology.

October 2021

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