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This is main screen of the software Eldy. This is THE SQUARE.

The square

The square

There are six bigs icons. On the top of screen there is mail. Here you can write, read and receive email. All  these operations are easy and intuitive. Then there is walk in internet: it allows to entry in web world! In the center of screen there is weather. Here you can see weather forecast. Then there is chat: it allows to communicate with other people. In this way you aren’t alone! At the bottom there is Eldy tv. Here you can see web video. At the end, there is useful. With this you can do some exercise to gain experience with mouse.

Enjoy with Eldy!!!

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Welcome. Eldy is the since 2006 the first freeware dedicated to the senior to allow elderly to access internet and computer in an easy way. Eldy was first released in 2006 and is free of charge and free from ads. Eldy has email client (pop/imap), chat, browser, rss&weather, skype interface (sorry just in the windows as for now as SKYPE API don’t work stable in Linux in Java platform). You can find all details about the ELDY project at –> www.eldy.eu.

To install Eldy linux:
– install debian / ubuntu
– install java6 jre ( ” apt-get install sun-java6-jre ” )
– add deb.vegans.it to your source list editing “/etc/apt/sources.list” and adding at the bottom: the following line:
deb http://deb.vegans.it binary/
– run “apt-get update ”
– run “apt-get install eldy ”
– enjoy eldy running:
” java -jar /usr/local/eldy/eldy.jar”

if you want to try direct install without package manager use this direct link to eldy.deb.
for any comment or problem : infoATeldyDOTorg or skype us at vegansolutions

update: 10 december 2008: we’re publishing soon Eldy 2.0 for linux

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